Gender: Female
Species: Ancient Human
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Lieutenant
Occupation: Warrant Officer (USS Enterprise)
Tactical officer (USS Enterprise)
Navigator (USS Enterprise-A)
Born 1955 BC
Status: Alive (2294)
Played by: Leigh Lombardi

Mera is the last of an ancient human civilization whose originated on the Moon some fourteen thousand years ago. She joined the Federation and became the Warrant Officer and the Tactical officer of the USS Enterprise and the Navigator of the USS Enterprise-A.


14,000 years ago, civilization traveled to the Earth's moon, Luna. They built a pre-historic moonbase, a ship and created a red spacesuit. One day, the Kaalium, the killer cyborgs attacked an ancient humans. Mera came to the moon to warm everybody about the Kaalium. After the war, the Kaalium are shut down and Mera was placed in suspended animation.

She's awakenEdit

In the year 1983, Mera was found inside the base by Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and Commander Pavel Chekov on the moon. When Ray Tanner asks what name of the killer cyborgs, Mera calls it a 'Kaalium', and this is presumably the name of the alien robot species. The Kaalium take Kirk, Chekov, and Mera prisoners, and head to Earth. When the cyborg threatens Mera by cutting her down for spare parts, Kirk frees himself, Chekov and Decker and rescue her. The away team used the electromagnetic pulse to damage the Kaalium ship. Kirk brought Mera to 23rd century aboard the Enterprise as the warrant officer. Mera's grasp of English is not too good, but she's learning. Anyway, she explains that she was chosen to carry "the warning". She says that she initially didn't want to do that, but that she wanted to stay and fight instead of being put to sleep in that box. But that was her duty, so she did it. She goes on to say that she's happy to be with Chekov.

In 2273, Captain Willard Decker was in charge of the refitted Enterprise, Mera made an errors: she caused the transporter malfunctioning and had engines imbalanced. Mera knows that Kirk assumed command in response to the crisis involving the machine entity "V'Ger."

The Enterprise sets out to attain warp speed, but is quickly caught up in the wormhole effect, caused by a drive imbalance. The vortex in space drags the Enterprise into it, along with a giant asteroid, which threatens to collide with the ship. Kirk quickly orders phasers to be targeted on the asteroid, but Decker countermands the order, causing Mera to call him in shock, and has Chekov prepare a photon torpedo instead. After a tense moment, the torpedo fires and destroys the asteroid, just as the wormhole effect diminishes and releases its hold on the ship. With Spock's assistance, the engines are now rebalanced for full warp capacity. The ship successfully goes to warp to intercept the cloud.

Mera sees a gigantic vessel, seventy-eight kilometers long at the heart of the cloud on the viewscreen. Kirk decides to risk sensors. As Spock begins scanning the vessel's surface a blindingly bright plasma-energy probe appears on the bridge. It extends tendrils of plasma which plug into various bridge consoles. When the probe plugs itself into the science console, the only one which connects to the main computer, Spock smashes the console with his hands. As a tendril reaches out for Spock, Ilia steps between him and the probe, which vanishes with her as Mera watches in horror. The arrival of the Ilia probe and Mera asks "her" where the real Ilia is. The probe says that Ilia "no longer functions" and that it has been given her form. Mera finds out that V'Ger is traveling to Earth to find the Creator and join with Him. Mera tells the Ilia probe that the Kaalium are a hostile action, not sensor scans of the Enterprise.

Mera meets Spock and he asks to travel inside the alien ship. Spock and Mera wear space suits and launched their thrusters to enter the next chamber of the vessel. They see visions of stars, of the destroyed Klingon ship, the vanished security guard, and of a planet of living machines which once helped V'ger. Coming into physical contact with one of the crystals, Mera realizes that the Intruder is not a vessel; it is V'ger, a vast living machine. Spock sees a giant image of Lt. Ilia with the sensor on her neck. Spock decides it must have some special meaning, so he attempts to mind meld with it. He is quickly overwhelmed by the multitude of images flooding his mind and falls back unconscious and Mera catches his fall. She brings Spock back to Enterprise where Kirk in a space suit is waiting.

As V'Ger enters Earth orbit, Decker remembers Ilia's consciousness entering his mind during his lovemaking with the probe. He sensed Ilia's horror at being trapped in a mechanical form, but V'Ger reasserted control, and Ilia slipped away. V'Ger transmits a binary signal to the Creator on Earth, but there is no response. V'Ger launches masses of green plasma-energy which will encircle the Earth. The probe says they will remove the "carbon-unit infestation" which is interfering with the Creator. McCoy realizes that V'Ger thinks its Creator is a machine. Kirk tells the probe the humans know why the Creator does not answer. When it demands the information, Kirk takes Spock's suggestion to treat it like a petulant child and clears the bridge. Mera convinces the probe about the Kaalium, which their ship is quickly engulfed by V'Ger's energy bolts. The probe becomes calmer and addresses her as "Mera-unit".

The probe leads Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Mera and Decker out onto the saucer hull, where a gravity-oxygen envelope is provided for them. Rectangles of light tumble toward Enterprise and become a solid pathway from the front of the saucer to the brain nucleus, which resembles an amphitheater; at its center is a 20th century space probe from Earth. The spacecraft is Voyager 6, the first Earth probe to enter a time continuum. Decker places the tricorder in contact with the transceiver, declaring that, just as Kirk wanted Enterprise, he wants to become part of V'Ger. The amphitheater begins to glow with brilliant colors, as do the bodies of Decker and the Ilia-probe, which expand and merge with V'Ger. Kirk, Spock, Mera and McCoy barely make it back to the ship before V'Ger disappears from around them, ascending to a higher dimension. Starfleet requests a status report; Kirk lists Ilia and Decker as missing, but refuses to beam down for debriefing. Spock says he does not need to return to Vulcan.

Meet Ripley 8Edit

Sometime after the V'Ger incident, Mera learns from Kirk that military scientists on the outer space vessel USM Auriga create a clone of Ellen Ripley, using DNA from blood samples taken before her death. They extract the embryo of an Alien queen that had been growing inside her at the time of her death, raise it, and collect its eggs for further use. The Ripley clone is kept alive for further study. As a result of her DNA being mixed with the Alien's during the cloning process, she develops enhanced strength and reflexes, acidic blood, and an empathic link with the Aliens.

A group of mercenaries arrive in their ship, the Betty, delivering several kidnapped humans in stasis. The military scientists use the kidnapped humans as hosts for the Aliens, raising several adult Aliens for study. The Betty crew soon encounter Ripley. Call recognizes her name and tries to kill her, Mera joined with her, believing she may be used to create more Aliens. Call and Mera are too late; the Aliens have already matured and quickly escape confinement, damaging the Auriga and killing most of its crew. Military scientist Dr. Wren reveals that the ship's default command in an emergency is to return to Earth. Realizing this will unleash the Aliens on Earth, Ripley, the mercenaries, Wren, a Marine named DiStefano, and surviving Alien host Purvis decide to head for the Betty and use the Enterprise to destroy the Auriga.

As the group make their way through the damaged ship, several of them are killed by Aliens. Call is revealed to be an android after Wren betrays the group. Using her ability to interface with the Auriga's systems, she sets it on a collision course with Earth, hoping to destroy the Aliens in the crash. Wren takes Call hostage, demanding that she abort the collision. Mera threatens Wren with her phaser set kill. Purvis holds Wren's head to his chest just as the Alien embryo he is carrying bursts through his ribcage, causing it to go through Wren's head and kill him.

Ripley discovers that the Alien queen has gained a human ability from her DNA as well: now possessing a womb, it can give birth to live offspring without the need for eggs and human hosts. The resulting newborn, bearing a mixture of human and Alien traits, recognizes Ripley as its mother and kills the Alien queen and Dr. Gediman.

Ripley and the surviving mercenaries make their way to the Betty. As they launch, the newborn hybrid attacks Call and kills DiStefano. Ripley kills it by using her own acidic blood to burn a hole through a viewpane, causing the creature to be sucked violently through the hole and into the vacuum of space. The survivors escape in the Betty as the Auriga collides into Earth. Mera watches as Ripley calls Kirk "Jim" for the first time.

Jupiter MissionEdit

Mera was promoted to Tactical officer. The Earth will soon be uninhabitable due the irreversible effects of pollution. The United Global Space Force prepares the first launch for the colonization of a distant planet much like our own. Meanwhile, the Global Sedition terrorist group, wants to stop the colonization. Professor John Robinson, lead scientist of the Jupiter Mission, prepares to take his wife Maureen, daughters Judy and Penny and son Will on a 10-year mission in suspended animation to the nearby planet Alpha Prime, where they will build a companion "hypergate" to the one orbiting Earth. The project is accelerated after Global Sedition terrorists attack Earth's hypergate, but are stopped by fighter pilots, one of which is Major Don West. The pilot for the Jupiter Mission is also murdered, leading to West's assignment as his replacement. Mera learns Kirk's plan that involved saving Earth with the Genesis Device.

Dr. Zachary Smith, a spy employed by the Global Sedition, reprograms the mission's robot to destroy the ship. He is betrayed, though, by his employers and left as an unwilling stowaway when the Jupiter II blasts off. A few hours after the launch, the robot activates and starts destroying vital ship and navigation controls. The Robinsons, woken from their cryosleep by Dr. Smith, stop the robot, but not before it causes the ship to become trapped in the gravitational pull of the Sun. Their only option to escape the gravity well would be to use the hyperdrive and end up in almost anywhere in the galaxy. Now lost, the ship eventually comes across a "hole in space" and, after entering, finds a planet with two abandoned ships in orbit; the Proteus, an Earth ship from the future, and a ship that is clearly not human. When they investigate the Proteus they find navigational data that can be used to get to Alpha Prime and an alien primate that they adopt as a pet. They also find the aging ship is infested with carnivorous spider-like lifeforms, one of which scratches Dr. Smith. To escape the spiders' attack, Don reactivates and overloads the Proteus' engine, with the shockwave from the resulting explosion damaging the Jupiter II and forcing it to crash on the planet below.

Professor Robinson and Major West go out onto the surface in search of radioactive material to replace the burnt-out part of the ship's core. They find a strange, growing bubble of unknown origin, which they then enter. They learn that the "holes" and "bubbles" are distortions of time and space, caused by future versions of Will and Dr. Smith constructing a time machine. They want to travel back in time to and prevent the Robinsons from getting lost. Robinson and West find out the bubble is actually small schism of future time on the same planet. They are all betrayed by the future Smith, who has mutated due to the spider scratch while on the Proteus. He plans to unleash an army of spiders on the Earth. Robinson battles with Spider Smith while Major West returns to the stranded Jupiter II to evacuate everyone. Robinson stops Spider Smith by tearing open his eggsac, freeing the baby spiders, who then attack Spider Smith. John pushes the mutated Smith into the uncompleted time portal, where he is torn apart by the gravitational field.

The others attempt to escape the planet in the Jupiter II, as the time machine's warping tears everything apart. They are unable to reach escape velocity and the ship is destroyed by flying debris. Future Will, unconvinced of his father's love, finally recognizes his father's deep love for his family and allows him to travel back through the time portal to before the Jupiter II attempts to escape. Knowing that the escape velocity won't be enough, John commands West to pilot the ship through the planet's core as it breaks up, using the planet's gravity to propel the ship out the other side. They escape, but the collapsed planet forms a small black hole that begins to suck the Enterprise and the Jupiter II back in. Kirk has Spock to activate the Genesis Device, which will reorganize all matter in the black hole, including the broken moon. To escape, the Robinsons once again activate the hyperdrive, using the Alpha Prime navigational data from the Proteus to blast off again into potentially unknown space. The explosion of the Genesis Device causes the gas in the black hole to reform into a new planetary core and creating the Genesis Planet, capable of sustaining life.

Khan's RevengeEdit

Lieutenant Saavik is in command of the starship USS Enterprise. The vessel is on a rescue mission to save the crew of a damaged ship in the Neutral Zone along the border with Klingon space when it is attacked by Klingon cruisers and critically damaged. The "attack" is revealed to be a simulator training exercise known as the "Kobayashi Maru"; a no-win scenario designed to test the character of Starfleet officers. Admiral James T. Kirk oversees the simulator session of Captain Spock's trainees. Celebrating his birthday, Kirk is later joined for drinks by Dr. McCoy, who advises him to get a new command and not waste his career behind a desk.

Mera was missing her love Pavel Chekov, who was officer of the USS Reliant. The Reliant is on a mission to search for a lifeless planet for testing of the Genesis Device, a torpedo designed to reorganize matter to create habitable worlds for colonization; however, in the wrong hands, the device can also destroy planets. Reliant officers Commander Pavel Chekov and Captain Clark Terrell beam down to the surface of a possible candidate planet, Ceti Alpha V, where they are captured by genetically engineered tyrant Khan Noonien Singh. The Enterprise discovered Khan's ship adrift in space fifteen years previously; Kirk exiled Khan and his fellow supermen from 20th century Earth to Ceti Alpha V. Khan reveals that after they were marooned, Ceti Alpha VI exploded, destroying Ceti Alpha V's ecosystem and shifting its orbit. Khan blames Kirk for the death of his wife and plans to avenge her. He implants Chekov and Terrell with indigenous, mind-controlling eels that enter the ears of their victims and uses the officers to gain control of the Reliant. Learning of Genesis, Khan attacks Space Station Regula I where the device is being developed by Kirk's former lover, Dr. Carol Marcus, and their son, David.

The Enterprise embarks on a three week training voyage under the command of Captain Spock. Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise after the ship receives a distress call from Regula I and goes on active duty. En route, the Enterprise is ambushed by the Reliant. The attack cripples the Enterprise and many of its trainees are either injured or killed. A transmission between the two ships reveals Khan knows of the Genesis Device and demands that all the information related to the project be sent to him. Kirk stalls for time and uses Reliant's prefix code to remotely lower their shields, allowing the Enterprise to counter-attack. Khan is forced to retreat and effect repairs, while the Enterprise limps to Regula I. Kirk, McCoy, and Saavik beam to the station where they find Terrell and Chekov along with slaughtered members of the Genesis Project team. The team finds the remaining scientists, including Carol and David, hidden deep inside the planetoid of Regula. Using Terrell and Chekov as spies, Khan transports the Genesis Device aboard Reliant and then orders them to kill Kirk; Terrell resists the eel's influence and kills himself while Chekov collapses in agony. Though Khan believes his foe stranded on Regula I, Kirk and Spock use a coded message to arrange a rendezvous. Kirk then directs the Enterprise into the nearby Mutara Nebula; static discharges from the nebula render both ships' defensive shields useless and compromise targeting systems, making the Enterprise and Reliant evenly matched. Mera reunites with Chekov. Kirk exploits Khan's inexperience in space combat to critically disable the Reliant. Khan had survived.

On a escape pod, Khan activates the Genesis Device, which will reorganize all matter in the nebula including the Enterprise. Though Kirk's crew detects the activation of the Genesis Device and the Enterprise attempts to move out of range using impulse engines, with the warp drive damaged they will not be able to escape the nebula in time. Spock leaves the bridge and goes to the engine room to restore the warp drive. When McCoy tries to prevent Spock's exposure to high levels of radiation, he incapacitates the doctor with a Vulcan nerve pinch and then performs a mind meld, telling him to "Remember". Spock restores power to the warp drive and the Enterprise escapes the explosion. Kirk arrives in the engine room, where Spock dies of radiation poisoning. The explosion of the Genesis Device causes the gas in the nebula to reform into a new planet, capable of sustaining life. A space burial is held in the Enterprise's torpedo room and Spock's coffin is shot into orbit around the newly formed planet. Mera has witness the death of Spock. The crew leaves the planet to pick up the Reliant's marooned crew from Ceti Alpha V and captures Khan and his crew. Spock's coffin, having soft-landed, rests on the planet surface.

The Search for SpockEdit

The Starship Enterprise limps back to Earth following a battle with the genetically engineered superhuman Khan Noonien Singh, who tried to destroy the Enterprise by detonating an experimental terraforming device known as Genesis. The casualties of the fight include Admiral James T. Kirk's Vulcan friend, Spock, whose casket was launched into orbit around the planet created by the Genesis Device, where it eventually lands on the planet's surface. On arriving at Earth Spacedock, Doctor Leonard McCoy begins to act strangely and is detained. Starfleet Admiral Morrow visits the Enterprise and informs the crew the ship is to be decommissioned; the crew is ordered not to speak about Genesis due to political fallout over the device, to Mera's enrage.

David Marcus—Kirk's son, a key scientist in Genesis' development—and Lieutenant Saavik are investigating the Genesis planet on board the science vessel Grissom. Discovering an unexpected life form on the surface, Marcus and Saavik transport to the planet. They find that the Genesis Device has resurrected Spock in the form of a child, although his mind is not present. Marcus admits that he used unstable "protomatter" in the construction of the Genesis Device, meaning that Spock is rapidly aging and the planet will be destroyed within hours. Meanwhile, Commander Kruge, a member of the Klingon race, intercepts information about Genesis. Believing the device to be a potent weapon, he takes his cloaked ship to the Genesis planet, destroys Grissom, and captures Marcus, Saavik, and Spock.

Spock's father, Sarek, confronts Kirk about his son's death. The pair learn that before he died, Spock transferred his katra, or living spirit, to McCoy. Spock's katra and body are needed to lay him to rest on his homeworld, Vulcan, and without help McCoy will die from carrying the katra. Disobeying orders, Kirk and his officers spring McCoy from detention, disable USS Excelsior, and steal Enterprise from Spacedock to return to the Genesis planet to retrieve Spock's body.

In orbit, Enterprise is attacked and disabled by Kruge. In the standoff that follows, Kruge orders that one of the hostages on the surface be executed; David is killed defending Saavik and Spock. Kirk and company feign surrender and activate Enterprise's self-destruct sequence, killing the Klingon boarding party while the Enterprise crew transports to the planet's surface. Promising the secret of Genesis, Kirk lures Kruge to the planet and has him beam his crew to the Klingon vessel. As the Genesis planet disintegrates, Kirk and Kruge engage in hand-to-hand combat; Kirk emerges victorious after kicking the Klingon off a cliff. Overwhelming the last member of the Klingon crew, Kirk and his officers set course for Vulcan.

Spock's katra is reunited with his body in a dangerous procedure called fal tor pan. The ceremony is successful and Spock is resurrected alive and well, though his memories are fragmented. At Kirk's prompting, Spock remembers he called Kirk "Jim" and recognizes the crew.

Travelling to 1986Edit

In 2286, a large cylindrical probe moves through space, sending out an indecipherable signal and disabling the power of starships it passes. As it takes up orbit around Earth, its signal disables the global power grid and generates planetary storms, creating catastrophic, sun-blocking cloud cover. Starfleet Command sends out a planetary distress call and warns starships not to approach Earth.

On the planet Vulcan, the former officers of the USS Enterprise are living in exile (after the events of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock). Chekov and Mera are married during the Vulcan exile. Accompanied by the Vulcan Spock, still recovering from his resurrection, the crew—except for Saavik, who remains on Vulcan—take their captured Klingon Bird-of-Prey starship and head to Earth to face trial for their theft and destruction of the Enterprise. Hearing Starfleet's warning, Spock determines that the probe's signal matches the song of extinct humpback whales, and that the object will continue to wreak havoc until its call is answered. The crew uses their ship to travel back in time via a slingshot maneuver around the Sun, planning to return with a whale to answer the alien signal.

Arriving in 1986, the crew finds the maneuver drained most of the Bird-of-Prey's power, leaving it with enough for only one day. Hiding their ship using its cloaking device in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the crew split up to accomplish several tasks: Admiral James T. Kirk, Ripley and Spock attempt to locate humpback whales, while Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy and Hikaru Sulu construct a whale tank for the return trip. Uhura and Pavel Chekov are tasked to find a way to recharge the ship's dilithium crystals. Mera and Call locate a 19th-century steam locomotive Sierra No. 3.

Kirk, Ripley and Spock discover a pair of whales—"George" and "Gracie"—in the care of Dr. Gillian Taylor at the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito, a museum dedicated to the study of whales, and learn they will soon be released into the wild. Kirk attempts to learn the tracking frequency for the whales from Taylor, but she refuses to cooperate, at least until she stumbles upon the ship. Scott, McCoy, and Sulu trade the formula of transparent aluminum for the materials needed for the whale tank. Uhura and Chekov locate a nuclear-powered ship, and find it is the aircraft carrier Enterprise. While collecting some of its power for their ship, their presence is discovered. Uhura is beamed back but Chekov is captured and severely injured in an escape attempt. Kirk, McCoy and Taylor rescue him from a hospital and return to the now-recharged ship.

Taylor learns the whales have been released early. She gives Kirk the tracking frequency but tricks him to board the Bird-of-Prey with him. They approach George and Gracie, who are being pursued by whalers. Kirk scares away the whalers by decloaking the starship as it hovers above them. After transporting the whales aboard the Bird-of-Prey, the crew returns to the future with Taylor. On approaching Earth, the ship loses power and crashes into San Francisco Bay. Once released, the whales respond to the probe's signal, causing the object to revert its climatic effects on Earth and return to the depths of space. All charges against the Enterprise crew are dropped; however, as punishment for disobeying a superior officer (as chronicled in the previous film), Kirk is demoted to the rank of Captain. The crew departs on their ship, the newly-christened USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) (Mera became a navigator), and leaves on a new mission.

The Fifth ElementEdit

When the Enterprise was on a shakedown cruise, the Great Evil appears in space in the form of a giant ball of black fire and destroys an Earth battleship. The Enterprise arrives in the sector where the Great Evil locate and launches a photon torpedoes which actually make the entity stronger. While the Enterprise narrowly escapes being annihilated by the Great Evil, Mera gets Sulu and Chekov resist its malicious energy. The current holder of the Mondoshawan key and Mera's caretaker, priest Vito Cornelius, informs President Lindberg of the history of the Great Evil and the weapon that can stop it. As the Mondoshawans return to Earth, they are ambushed by the shapeshifting Mangalores, the remnants of an outlawed, warlike alien race hired by the industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, who was himself hired by the Great Evil (sending messages as “Mister Shadow”) to acquire the stones. The Mondoshawan's spacecraft is destroyed and the only thing Earth scientists recover is the hand of the Fifth Element, which they use to construct a humanoid woman, known as "Leeloo". Terrified of her unfamiliar surroundings, she escapes confinement and jumps off a ledge to land in the flying taxicab of Korben Dallas, a former major in the Special Forces.

Dallas delivers Leeloo to Cornelius and his apprentice, David, whereupon Cornelius learns that the four Element stones were entrusted to Diva Plavalaguna, an opera singer. Because the Mangalores failed to obtain the stones, Zorg kills them, but their compatriots attempt to obtain the Elements for themselves. Upon learning from the Mondoshawans that Plavalaguna has the stones, General Munro, Dallas' former superior, re-enlists Dallas and orders him to travel undercover, as a rigged radio contest winner, to meet the Diva on a luxury cruise in space. The publicity of the contest attracts the Mangalores and Zorg to the space liner. Dallas takes Leeloo with him, while Cornelius instructs David to prepare the temple and stows away aboard the vessel. Mera became acting captain of the Enterprise after Captain Kirk and Ripley took a plane to Fhloston Paradise. Spock records the communication between the Great Evil and Zorg. Mera broadcasts the recording to President Lindberg, revealing that Zorg was working for the Great Evil.

Acting Captain Mera fully aware of the Mangalores and Zorg. She promptly fired Commander Robin Williams for poorly handling the situation and immediately promoted Yeoman Terry to the rank of commander, leaving her in charge of ambush. The Diva is killed when the Mangalores attack and take over the ship, but Dallas retrieves the Elements from the Diva's body. He fights the Mangalores to liberate the ship. The Enterprise battles the Mangalore occupying Defiant and Mera orders Chekov to only target weapons and shields, that Kirk doesn't want the Defiant destroyed. Zorg searches for the Elements; he shoots and seriously wounds Leeloo, before finding a carrying case. Assuming the elements are inside, he takes the case and leaves behind a time bomb that causes the liner's occupants to evacuate. Zorg departs on his spacecraft with Mera orders the Enterprise to pursue, but discovers the case to be empty, so he returns to search for the Elements. He deactivates the bomb, but a dying Mangalore activates his own bomb, destroying the ship and killing Zorg, while Kirk, Ripley, Dallas, Cornelius, Leeloo, and talk-show host Ruby Rhod escape with the Elements aboard Zorg's spacecraft and return the Enterprise.

The four return to the weapon chamber at the Egyptian temple as the Great Evil approaches. The group arranges the stones; but Leeloo has become disenchanted with humanity after having come to witness the brutality of war and violence and refuses to release the Divine Light. Acting Captain Mera denied Chekov's request to order the Earth to evacuate. Dallas confesses his love for Leeloo and kisses her. In response, Leeloo combines the power of the stones and releases the Divine Light, causing the Great Evil to become dormant as a new moon in Earth's orbit.

Earth scientists assure President Lindberg that the Great Evil is dead. Korben and Leeloo are brought in by scientists and placed together in a healing tank to recuperate. When the President arrives and demands to see them one of the scientists informs him that "they need ... five more minutes", as Korben and Leeloo have begun consummating their love.